Saturday, January 8, 2011

This blog is so dead (not!)...

I know I have been rather quiet with my "Life with Ubuntu" blog. Work has gotten the better part of me and what little time I have now is usually me messing about on my linux based Nokia N900.

My last post mentioned that was going to test Ubuntu 10.10 but looking at all the changes Canonical has been doing, I think I will stick to my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS build until something compels me to upgrade (perhaps to the next LTS version).

There are a few article I plan to post in this blog, but it will tie in with another blog I've created called Life with Maemo which is about my Nokia N900 computer (with phone functionality) running the Maemo 5 operating system (which itself is an ARM based Debian linux "ecosystem").

Ohh! a belated Merry Christmas and a (belated!) Happy New Year!