Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I've been up to...

In case you didn't know, Ubuntu 10.10 was released on 10.10.10. I've not upgraded my systems as I am quite happy with 10.04 and the promise of it's LTS (Long Term Support). That said, I'll pick one of my machines and see how good 10.10 is and post my findings at a later date.

What have I been up to lately? My friend (droll) introduced me to a nifty little device called the Nokia N900 which is based of Maemo which is derived from Debian Linux.

I've gotten a nifty overclocking which allows my to underclock the device at 125MHz all the way to 1.15GHz (the stock speeds at 250MHz till 600MHz). I've also gotten kismet and nmap installed on this device so wireless testing is now simply putting my phone in my pocket and walking around. I will soon be trying to get install OpenVAS which should make for a rather complete basic pentesting setup, all on my phone. I may even try Ubuntu 9.04 which somebody ported over to the N900 (it's ARM based).

Though this site is called "Life with Ubuntu", I guess I'll be including some Maemo/MeeGo blogs in the future.